Ordinals is open-source and community funded. The current lead maintainer of ord is raphjaph. Raph's work on ord is entirely funded by donations. If you can, please consider donating! To make a BITCOIN (no inscriptions etc.) donation, send to:


Please only donate Bitcoin (no inscriptions etc.) to this address, and consolidate small donations of less than 10,000 sats before donating, as small UTXOs are uneconomical to spend from our multisig. To make an ORDINAL/INSCRIPTION donation (not BTC), send to:


Both addresses are in a 2-of-4 multisig wallet with keys held by raphjaph, erin, rodarmor, and ordinally.

Donations received will go towards funding maintenance and development of ord, as well as hosting costs for and Donations will be tax-deductible to US taxpayers upon approval by the US Internal Revenue Service of the Open Ordinals Form 1023, which we expect to occur in 2023.

Thank you for donating!